Thông tin chung

Tác giả/Author: Hoang Ngoc Son
Ngày phát hành/Issued date: 25/12/2018
Đơn vị phát hành/Issued by: Vietnam journal of agriculture and rural development

Nội dung


Biological characteristics of Yellowtail scad Atule mate (Cuvier, 1833)were analyzedusing data collected belongs toproject “Comprehensive Survey of the Status and Variations of Marine Fisheries Resources in Vietnam” in 2017. Biological samples were monthly and randomly collected from the catches in key fishing ports from Kien Giang province, such as Phu Quoc archipelago and Ha Tien. There were a total of 1.407 individuals Yellowtail scad collected in 2017. Resultsshowed that the fork length of fish varied in range 75-260mm with the common size varied from 131.5 mm – 214.4 mm. The spawning season of Yellowtail scad extended from January to Decemberwith theprimary peak in July and two secondary peaks in April and October. The estimated length at first maturity (Lm50) was 186 mm for male and  189.7mm for female. The sex ratio of male to female was given  as 0.94:1.

Key words: Atule mate, First at maturity, Spawning season, Sex ratio, Southwestern region of Vietnam