Thông tin chung

Tác giả/Author: Nguyen Xuan Thi
Ngày phát hành/Issued date: 25/12/2018
Đơn vị phát hành/Issued by: Vietnam journal of agriculture and rural development

Nội dung


The article shows summary results of analysis, evaluation for change of aquatic product quality and port harvest loss on offshore trawler in applying combination chilling preservation technology. The product was preservated on offshore trawler of BTh99567TS in 25 days by the technology compare to ice method indicated that: (i) Senory quality of the fish was higher with 97.5 % than controlled sample (preservating by ice only); protein content was higher with 20 % than the content in product that preservated by ice only; NH3 content was lower with 69.3 % compare to traditional (ice) preservation method. (ii) sensory quality of the squid was higher with 108.8 % than controlled sample; protein contents was higher with 11 % respectively than controlled sample, NH3 content was lower with 92 % compare to controlled specimen. (iii) The total aerobic microorganisms of the fish and squid groups was in safe limit according to the decision QĐ/46/BYT, whereas the total aerobic microorganisms from controlled specimen was over the safe limit in the Decision. (iv) port-harvest loss: the aquatic product quality that was preservated by the combination chilling method was higher over 30 % than controlled sample (storage method by traditonal ice); quantity loss of product from combination chilling method was lower from 52.8 % to 80.2 % compare to storage method by traditional ice. In totally, to keep the good aquatic product quality from 20 days to 25 days (time of offshore fishing trip) then applying combination chilling method is recommendated.

 Key words: combination chilling preservation, port-harvest loss, quality, trawler.